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Have you, or someone you cared about, felt suicidal?

Suicidal thoughts can be triggered by a variety of stressors.  Several levels of support that can be helpful in considering how we navigate these stressors.  Levels can be visualized like 5 fingers on a hand to help remember the 5 levels of support.  When one level does not seem to be helping, then we move to the next level to get the support needed. 


Level one (visualize the thumb) are coping skills you can do YOURSELF.  This might include things like exercise, listening to music, going outside, meditation, yoga, watching a movie, video games, cleaning something, writing in a journal, going on a walk, hanging out w your animal, art, writing, taking a nap, eating, taking a shower.  Identify 5 things that you feel would be helpful for you.  

Level two (visualize the thumb and pointer finger) are YOUR PEOPLE.  Family or friends you could reach out to when you are struggling.  Identify 2-3 people who you could call if you were feeling stressed or unsafe.  Write down their names and phone numbers.  

Level three (visualize thumb, pointer and middle finger) are YOUR PROFESIONALS.  Doctors or therapists that would know you personally.   

Level four (thumb, pointer finger, middle finger and ringer finger) are CRISIS LINES.  People who may not know you personally, but would be able to talk with you and help you feel more calm or safe.  These include: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 1-800-273-8255.  Or crisis lines in your state like Utah: UNI Crisisline 801-587-3000, Crisisline text (text HOME to 741741) or download the SafeUT app.   

Level five (full hand) is EMERGENCY RESOURCES. If you are unable to stay safe call 911 or go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.   

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